Wide of the Mark – A motorcycle adventure documentary

Wide of the mark was created out of a hunger for a motorcycle adventure in its purest form. Mixing the things we love most in life, Motorcycles, and Films. We built adventure bikes out of everyday commuters to handle harsh terrain, packed our camping gear, and went riding for 2 weeks. Our only goal was a rough road map of some of the most testing terrain Tasmania had to offer, followed closely by the keen lense of Electric Bubble.

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After the Success of Handcrafted, we needed to go further, push boundaries, and break new ground. There have been plenty of motorcycle adventure films before, but none of them like Wide of the Mark. Built on the foundation of a solid partnership between Film Makers Electric Bubble, and Custom Bike all-rounder Purpose Built Moto. Wide of the Mark creates a new paradigm in motorcycle adventure films. Yes, we have a destination, but we need to have as much fun as possible to get there. At all costs.

Each day the riders are faced with harsh challenges and overwhelming feelings of achievement and awe. Each day pushing new limits on motorcycles that were built in garages, small workshops and back yard shed.  Then there were the things we assumed would be easy but proved to be a challenge, like keeping 6 tired and hungry riders and 4 film crew fed and happy while pushing them each and every day to ride long hours through tough landscapes.

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The saving grace on all of this was no matter the challenges we hit, Tasmania delivered breathtaking tracks and trails with incredible views on each and every day. Wide of the Mark took in such a vast array of landscapes and ride challenges from soft beach sand, to alpine mountain cliffs and anything you can imagine in between.

What we aim to create is a documentary that inspires riders, adventurers, and builders to remember why we love motorcycles and the freedom they can deliver. Pushing the boundaries of what a hand-built custom motorcycle means to the rider and the extra element of fun that an adventure bike you built yourself can deliver.

A team of multi-skilled riders, motorcycle builders, and designers pitched against the elements and the reliability of their bikes.The best and worst part about these bikes is that we have built them ourselves. Without the years of R&D on factory bikes behind them and facing tough off-road riding, things will always go wrong. The silver lining is that because we built it, we know these bikes back to front, and can fix anything that has taken a hit with confidence.

The motorcycles and riders on this trip:

Matt Mcferran – 1978 Honda CB650

Tom Gilroy – 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200

Max Duff – 2005 Triumph Bonneville T100

Emma Mcferran – 2009 Sol Invictus Nemesis 400

Keeley Pritchett – 1973 Triumph trophy 650

Justin Holmes – 2011 Triumph Speedmaster 900

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Taken a top Jacobs ladder by WOTM photographer Alexandra Adoncello

From the outset we had riders taking big crashes, and the bikes taking a beating. This is what adventure riding is to me. Going from A to B the most ridiculous route possible, and seeing what putting yourself and your bike to the test turns up. It could be one of the best ride experiences of your life, or it could all turn to shit and leave you in the cold and rain doing roadside repairs. This is what we want to show you through our film. The good the bad and the utterly ridiculous circumstances that motorcycle adventuring will put you through. Memories will be made no matter what.

With a good overview of exactly what Wide of the Mark Means, from here we will take you on a visual journey of the places we’ve seen, people we rode with and the challenges we faced. Not only on the ride trip, but in the making of the film aswell. Wide of the Mark, 6 riders, hand built motorcycles, the ride trip of a lifetime and a film that gives you a look at it all.

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