Matt is well known in the moto community for his reckless abuse of any bike he can get his hands on. Always up for a ride, and always pushing those around him to go a little harder and have a bit more fun doing it. When we approached matty to get on board for Wide of the Mark, we thought we would be seeing some wild creation Matt would dream up and build for the trip. To our surprise he went the tried and tested route of slapping a new set of knobbies on his old honda, buying a few occy straps for his swap and just going for it. pitching an almost stock Honda from the 70’s against a group of hand built adventure bikes that were meticulously planned and built.


While our other riders were busy making sure their bikes were in top condition and prepped for the trip, Matty Mac was busy riding. Choosing instead to trust his old faithful Honda CB650, thats copped years of abuse through off road track days, and being sent off freestyle ramps. Living through it all the un-killable 1979 CB650.

Honda CB650 scrambler Wide of the Mark movie

“My Wide of the Mark ride was my trusty old 1979 Honda CB650. This thing has been apart of the family now for over 8 years.

Not exactly sure why I love this thing so much but I reckon its because of its rawness and all the good memories I’ve had riding it. Nothing works perfectly, it shakes like hell, its slow and most of the time it just does its own thing.

I do own some amazing new model bikes and ride an incredible well made Indian chieftain dark horse bagger to work most days of the week but I just love the rawness of the old Honda. This old thing has taught me more about motorcycles and how they work by not working over the years. Before I owned this thing I knew nothing about bikes apart from how to fuel them up, since then I’ve had to learn how and why each part works so many times just to get home.

wide of the mark adventure film

As for the build theres not much to it, a custom seat built by Justin at PopBang Classics, painted tank, renthal bars from the local MX store, rattle can black wheels and a custom exhaust system that become custom when the mufflers broke off while I was jumping a train line one day. Apart from that it had a new set of rear shocks a few years back and a set of fresh knobbies for the trip.

As for electrics it doesn’t have any of those fancy accessories like indicators, brakes lights or a speedo, I’ve always felt like they are just luxuries for other riders while I’m out on the road. I sure as hell don’t need a light to remind me which way I’m turning and stopping. The trusty CB650 received little to no prep work for our ride in Tasmania, I topped the oil up, filled it with fuel and tied my camping gear on with some occy straps.

The most updated parts on the bike were my Sena Headset and the Quadlock phone charger, everything else has been there for years.

So how did the bike go? Some will say not that great but anyone who knows the bike and knows the little to no maintenance I do was bloody impressed to see it come home.  To see went down and how this old nugget made it home check out the film.”

Wide of the mark CB650 adventure ride Honda

Matt had a shortened trip with Wide of the Mark in Tasmania due to some other commitments, but during the time we were all together we loved every minute of having him around. Always looking for some sort of trouble to get in with his bike. Some great stories came even after he’d left the ride group to head north and catch the ferry. The CB started having some electrical troubles and the battery died, Matt pulled into a farm and ended up working with the mechanic there for a few hours in exchange for a charge and some help getting his bike ready for the 3 hours he had left heading to the ferry in Devonport.

These strange and unique encounters were indicative of our adventure ride in Tasmania. Each day presenting some situation that at the end of the day made you take stock and think, How the hell did that just happen.

Matt Mcferran Wide of the Mark rider