Wide of the Mark rider – Emma Mcferran

Emma Mcferran has an interesting history on a motorcycle, after riding professionally for a number of years all over the world, it goes without saying that she can handle herself in any situation on the back of a bike. As a late addition to the team, there wasn’t enough time for Emma to build her own bike, so one was sorted out for her.
As it happened she would be riding on a Sol Invictus Nemesis 400 Scrambler, built in the Purpose Built Moto garage.  The project was underway before the film was ever thought of as a project between Tom, and Wide of the Mark DOP Jake Ashe. He was generous enough to lend the bike out for Emma to use…. “For the good of the Film” was his reasoning.

Without so much as a warm up lap, Emma and her trusty 400 were shredding the beaches of Tasmania on our first destination. Obviously feeling right at home on the bike and having a heap of fun. The first afternoon delivered the most spectacular crash of the trip in the sand dunes. definitely one to look out for in the film.  Emma refused to take the easy way during our trip, always shooting off down random tracks to find a bit of fun.

Adventure scrambler emma mcferran

Now lets take a look at the Scrambler that copped the abuse for 2 weeks Straight:

Make: Sol Invictus
Model: Nemesis 400
Year: 2012

The bike was originally destined to be a retro styled scrambler, but as the decision was made to use the 400 for Wide of the Mark, it needed to be adventure ready. The styling is driven by the early BSA scramblers, but with modern touches and design twists to make sure it fit the Purpose Built Moto design DNA.

Showing off an off the wall colour scheme with its bright colour, and bare metal finishes Tom wanted to prove a bike could look tough, even in baby blue.

scramnbler 400 build wide of the mark

The modifications completed on this bike are a mix of performance upgrades, and hand built styling. 

  • Upgraded butted stainless steel spokes
  • Modified and lightened tail frame, stainless steel bar work and fender mounts
  • Polished aluminium fenders
  • 25mm bar risers, pro-taper bars wearing PBM Switch gear + West sliders lever protectors
  • Lectron carburettor + DNA performance filter
  • Hand built stainless steel exhaust system PBM torpedo muffler
  • Long travel rear shocks from Gazi suspension
  • Progressive front fork springs, a stiffer grade to stock so we could jump the little thing
  • Custom seat, and gear bags made by Timeless Autotrim
  • Upgraded LED headlights by PBM and Stedi Lighting
  • Mitas E-09 Dakar tyres + Heavy duty tubes
  • re-mounted electronics made higher under the seat to allow water crossings
  • MX footpegs, modified to fit. These really came in handy in our muddy sections, with the trade off of getting shredded shins if things got swirly.
  • Quadlock phone mount + scrambler style mirrors
  • Bare metal finished tank, baby blue highlights
  • Custom aluminium bash plate
  • Motul oils, chain lube + Cleaner carried on board. as well as a tyre repair kit just in case.

Wide Of The Mark

We managed to shed 25kg off the stock bike and have the little 400 at a curb weight of 135KG.  Apart from an oversight on the pod filter staying clean, and an ever present throttle cable issue the Nemesis performed extremely well. It’s hard to tell with riders of all different skill levels but the Little light weight nemesis was always near the front of the pack. Probably because Emma knows 2 speeds; stop and full noise.

Wide Of The Mark Emma Mcferran

Mid way on the trip the front suspension had to be looked at, it had softened right up after a big day on corrugated gravel so we needed to turn up some pre-load spacers for the second half of the trip. Of the bikes on the trip the Nemesis will probably be one of the only ones that won’t make it on the second trip, with a new build in the works for Emma on round 2.

You can get around all the modifications in detail by watching the build series that was created for the bike here:

Watch the Build series