Tasmania. One of the best motorcycle experiences you can get in Australia. Wide of the Mark is a documentary that follows six riders on their journey across Tasmania and experiences some of the best roads on the island. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make this documentary come to life! Traveling to Tasmania is a rare opportunity. It’s a special place with a huge variety of environments and scenery that span from the lush forests of the northeast to the spectacular mountains in the southwest.

The difficulties we overcame with such a tight time frame

The first issue arose a few days before production when Justin’s bike was not finished. Nevertheless, we waited patiently for Justin to finish the bike last minute, once we were underway some of the biggest challenges that we encountered were keeping our film equipment charged on the road. There were logistical problems when we tried to run the video cameras batteries off the car battery, which was an absolute lemon. Our filming equipment often gave out and all of the bikes that we used broke at some point during production. Tom Gilroy had his fair share of responsibility, he was tasked with planning the trip. Everyone would turn to him when the game went south but when he needed to step up and that is what he did. Once we finished the trip, Jake Ashe was tasked with the huge job of editing the entire film. Probably why it took so long.